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Our Mentor - Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai

Spiritual and Social Leader of the Global Mission of Nutrition, Education and Healthcare

Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai, born in Central India in the year 1979, spearheads a unique global mission across 33 Countries. Since 2011, Sri Madhusudan Sai has established institutes of excellence in Education, Healthcare, Nutrition and Spirituality across the world. Today, six speciality hospitals in India, and three hospitals abroad are providing free healthcare. 27 campuses, a University in South India, and three institutions abroad are providing values based education to over 6,000 boys and girls. A morning nutrition programme nourishes over 500,000 school-going children every single day in India and across five countries.

All services are offered absolutely FREE of cost to all without any discrimination. 11 Centres for Human Development in 11 countries have also been established to work towards the welfare and well-being of all as one global family.




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His Philosophy  - “Self-Realisation is My Religion” 

Deeply rooted in the idea of Advaita, Sri Madhusudan Sai believes that the world needs self-realised individuals, more than anything else. For Him, self-realisation is not something which happens after leaving the mortal coil, but rather, it is very natural and totally possible, here and now. His devotion and selfless service to humanity is to prepare more men and women with spiritual character, who will not be swayed away by the vagaries of life, but rather be firm in their conviction of their own spiritual existence. 

With the ultimate experience of the transcendental truth, an individual sees the oneness in all creation, and hence it is natural to love and serve all without any distinction. Thus, service finds its foundation in spirituality, and spirituality finds its fulfillment in service.

Love - Service - Spirituality 

His Teaching - “ahaṁ brahmā sarvaṁ brahmā”  

‘I am God, all is God’, is the simplest way in which the highest vedantic truth can be put. To make this idea a living experiential reality for all mankind, is his way of doing his duty towards the greatest seers of ancient India and the world over, who had already taught the oneness of all existence. 

Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai is on a global mission of teaching this supreme truth to humanity. He passionately and emphatically propagates and encourages everyone, young and old, to constantly meditate upon the four words, “ahaṁ brahmā sarvaṁ brahmā”, for the ultimate truth to reveal itself, and for one to be firmly established in this truth. 

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