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Focussed and concerted efforts to revive the Indian way of education, build robust healthcare systems, facilitate healthy nutrition, and work in sectors of social service is the mission of the Trust.



  • To establish centres of educational excellence from Grade 6 till Research studies, for promoting the cause of true education that is spiritual, integral, values-based, holistic and free of cost in nature; especially for the children of the world that are denied access to quality education due to poverty, gender inequality, lower socio-economic status, malnutrition, poor health and hygiene, and other related factors 

  • To give ‘Education for All’ without any discrimination based on caste, gender, geography, language and religion, and promote equality as a stepping stone towards poverty alleviation 

  • To empower children not only by imparting academic knowledge but also through the ancient spiritual wisdom of ‘non-duality’ that enlightens them to understand their true nature, so that they live a life of purpose based on the universal human values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love, and Non-violence 

  • To build the capacity of youth by moulding them as students with brilliant heads, compassionate hearts and competent hands, thereby transforming them into noble and able professionals 


  • To promote the education for girls, and protecting them from the social ills of early marriage, sex trafficking, etc.,  and thus saving the nation a huge monetary cost that may have otherwise been lost due to fertility, population growth, ill-health, malnourishment and low social capital 

  • To revolutionise the concept of education through its unique philosophy of a ‘pay it forward’ model by the alumni initiated ‘Each One Educate One’ programme 

  • To introduce a values-based pedagogy through effective teacher training of not only the in-house teachers but all the teachers of the country, thus reaching the unreachable sectors of Indian schools, its teachers and its children, and help them rise as moral individuals with a positive outlook towards life, and as contributing members of the society with competency, compassion, and right conduct 

  • To provide COVID related educational relief by extending free admissions and scholarships for orphaned children, and also provide free online video lessons that are made accessible and available for all children 


  • To contribute towards maternal and child health absolutely free of cost, so that the health of the nation is preserved and nourished 

  • To provide free general and specialty healthcare services that includes diagnosis, treatment and medicines 

  • To specially support the cause of Paediatric Congenital Heart Disease, absolutely free of cost for those children who cannot afford it otherwise 

  • To extend international cooperation for its sister hospitals at Fiji, Nigeria and Sri Lanka that are managing medical centres/ hospitals

  • To provide COVID related healthcare relief for people by giving all services free of cost 

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  • To extend its allegiance towards the nutritional needs of children by supporting the morning breakfast programme with its allied Trust

  • To support the cause of preventive health for children, especially during the times of COVID pandemic, by providing nutritional supplements that will enhance their immunity and take care of their overall health


Community Service

  • To conduct disaster management relief activities based on need

  • To organise youth meets, conferences, and other events to create awareness, and inspire youth, teachers and educators to transform their lives into one of purpose 

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