Sai Wheels

Sai Wheels is a mobile medical facility built by a team of scientists, engineers, doctors and other personnel to provide health services to villagers at no cost to them. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba coined the acronym for Sai Wheels- Societal Advancement and Improvement in Water, Health, Education, Energy with Love and Service. The health of every man, woman and child in these villages is considered a prime responsibility. Medical camps at the villages are scheduled for four days a week.

A fully functional Pathology Lab that houses latest equipment required in Haematological and Biochemistry finding, tests like Complete Blood Count; Blood Sugar; Liver and Renal Function Tests; Lipid profiles; Cardiac enzymes and Serum electrolyte are available in this model. The most preferred and accurate test for diabetes, HbA1C is also available.

The team of devoted and skilled doctors of Sai Wheels also impart health education to teachers so they are equipped enough to understand the needs of the children. Mothers are counselled for breast feeding, hygiene, nutrition and tackling minor illnesses of their children. Regular awareness camps on Oral Rehydration day, Diabetic day, Breast feeding week are conducted in the villages.

Health education to teachers: A story

A child in his sixth grade at one of the local Schools where the medical camps are regularly held, was considered a dull student by the teacher. The child had to constantly bear the ridicule of teachers and fellow students. Our healthcare screening diagnosed that the child was suffering from Down’s syndrome, and hence the child’s intelligent quotient or IQ was naturally below than the other children of his age. Upon educating this fact to the teacher, the perspective and behaviour of the teacher towards the child changed. The teacher started treating the child with empathy and tenderness. In point of fact, what other help can a society offer these children, if not for at least empathising with them? Health education to teachers gave a new lease of societal life for the child!


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